The Original Green Pan Reviews 2020 – The Ideal Cooking Partner

No one enjoys eating burnt food. Cooking Food with environmentally friendly materials not only makes us proud of the environment but also makes us feel part of a healthy environment.

With the world going green cooking would not be any better without green pans. Green pans are made without Lead, cadmium, PFOA, and PFAS to reduce the possibility of harming the environment and ensuring its non-sticky nature.

With their non-sticky features, green pans are the latest entrants into the market and are taking it by storm. Most of their prices are average, but people are considering them for quality having in mind that cheaply is expensive. It’s important to make cooking enjoyable by using the best cooking equipment available. In making choices about the best green pan to use we help you and offer advice on your choices.

 What Is Green Pan?

Today, our cooking is almost impossible without a frying pan. But every regular frying pan includes Per-Fluoro-octanoic acid (PFOA) and Poly-Tetra-Fluoro-ethylene (PTFE). These chemicals are very dangerous for both health and nature.

A green pan is a frying pan that is manufactured without Teflon coating and is not harmful to health.

 Original Green Pan Reviews

original green pan reviews

Fig: original green pan reviews

So, it’s time to find out the original green pan reviews. Most of the content on online is fake reviews. I am going to provide an honest review here.

 Top 5 Original Green Pan List

NameMaterialColorSizeCheck Price
GreenPan ParisAluminumStainless Steel12 Inch
GreenPan Focus
AluminumTurquoise12 Inch
GreenPan Lima
Hard-Anodized AluminumBlack12 Inch
GreenPan Padova
AluminumGray 8" and 10"
GreenPan Rio
NonstickBlack5 Quart

 Top 5 Original Green Pan Reviews

1. GreenPan Paris – Editor’s Choice

It is one of the paramount and ideal pans to use for frying. It is famous for its easy to clean nature since food will not stick to it. It’s expensive, but its features prove it’s worth every cent.

Greenpan Paris Features
  • It’s non-stick therefore ensuring use of less oil.
  • Its handle is heat resistant, therefore, easy to handle.
  • Its coating does not contain any toxic fumes, therefore.
  • It’s not safe to use with no health risks.
  • While using it to cook or fry, you notice the perfect heat distribution caused by its thick base.
  • Its non-sticky feature makes it easy to clean.

The fact that It causes no environmental hazards makes it one of the best in the market. It does not also have a specific user age or gender thereby acceptable to all types of families.

  • It is environmentally friendly, especially with its non-sticky feature.
  • Easy to handle when hot due to its stainless feature.
  • Easy to clean
  • It is very attractive
  • It’s very expensive.
  • Its warranty is limited not lifetime.

2. GreenPan Focus – Affordable in Price

Green pan focus is another safe cookware available. Its coat like appearance makes people think it’s a color that would peel off but it is very safe and has excellent heat circulation. The presence of cadmium and PFOA ensures the color cannot peel off. Its handles are made to resist heat, therefore, easy to handle even when hot. However, it’s lighter than other green pans. Its rims are slightly flared for less drippy pouring. This is better than other pans since its walls are not at 90-degree angle.90-degree Angles leads to drips when pouring.

Therefore, it not ideal when using too much heat, it, however, recommended for frying, warming food and cooking of pancakes.

Greenpan Focus Features
  • It does not contain any toxic chemicals, therefore, safe to use.
  • Its coating does not release any harmful fumes, does not peel either does it blister.
  • It’s easy to clean
  • Excellent heat conduction, therefore, ensuring good cooking results.

Even though it does not come with a lead, it’s compatible with many tops. It can be heated up to 300 degrees.

  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Easy to handle due to its heat resistant handle
  • Warms first and circulates heat evenly
  • Food does not stick while cooking.
  • Cannot withstand too much heat.
  • Lack of lead makes it look too exposed.

3. Green Pan Lima Review – Rocking The Market

Being the pioneers of green pans, lima green pans are the cheapest and also very durable. They have no emissions nor any harmful products to the environment. While cooking the contain all the moisture within the good therefore no need to add water because of their glad transparent lid which provides the moisture within the pan. It’s constructed for maximum heat production giving cooking results excellent.

It’s proven to be best at frying since it has an 8 inches flat diameter which ensures good heat transmission.

Greenpan Lima Features
  • It has a transparent lid which provides good monitoring of food and also keeping food warm after cooking.
  • Its material does not contain any toxic materials neither does it have pollutants, therefore, making it environmentally friendly.
  • It’s made of a durable material.
  • Excellent heat conduction is ensuring good cooking results.
  • Easy to grip handle which is also a non-conductor of heat.
  • It’s also very easy to clean since its non-stick.
  • Its coat does not blister nor peel off.

The main reason why people cover food while cooking is to avoid dust and any other possible airborne contamination. It makes green pan lima a better option to Paris. It’s heavy material also makes it sustain high heat.

  • It’s a cost-friendly.
  • Cannot transfer petroleum base particles to the food.
  • It’s more environmentally friendly since you can cover what you are cooking.
  • The lead allows it to retain heat thus keeping food warm.
  • Not good with excessive heating.
  • Its non-sticky nature does not last forever so its quality has been questioned which could he as a result of continuous heating of cleaning.

4. Green Pan Padova – Expensive But High Quality

GreenPan Padova 8" and 10" Ceramic Non-Stick Open Frypan Set, Grey
  • GreenPan is the pioneer of healthy ceramic non-stick: safe cookware that doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals or persistent pollutants and is easy to use
  • Thermolon ceramic non-stick is manufactured without PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium. The coating won’t blister, peel or release any harmful fumes, even if you accidently overheat your pan

Coming in different sizes, green pan Padova is the second most expensive green pan after Paris. This is due to its ceramic nonstick nature is reinforced with minerals and is metal utensil safe. Its handles look as if they can attract heat but they are made from stainless steel, therefore, easy and comfortable to handle.

Due to its high quality, many cancer organizations are recommending it since its stainless steel is proven that it cannot cause cancer and it’s environmentally friendly. The appearance nature of Padova is not as attractive as the other pans, but its durability is excellent since, like the other green pans, it’s environmentally friendly.

Greenpan Pavoda Features
  • It’s made of non-stick material reinforced with metal utensil safe and also the most advanced material of thermal.
  • Its material is also hard and scratch resistant.
  • Contains no lead or cadmium.
  • Soft touch stays cook handles.
  • Its material ensures it’s easy to clean.
  • Environmentally friendly made from the nonstick ceramic material.

From its appearance, its biggest doubt would be it handles since they do not look very strong like other pans. It can be heated up to 800 degrees.

  • Having a flat base ensures excellent heat circulation.
  • It’s a good starter plan.
  • Can withstand a lot of heat.
  • It’s very expensivetherefore people preferring cheaper ones.
  • Limited lifetime and manufacturing warranty.

5. Green Pan Rio – Competitive Price

It is probably the best green pan because of its nature to cook different thing even of high quantity, its attractive nature, lead to cover its top, ability to handle from either side and also the fact that even if you overheat it, the heat does not have any effect on it. Its body is manufactured from recycled anodized aluminum.

Its price is medium therefore affordable to most families. Like all other green pans, it’s environmentally friendly and does not contain any pollutants thus making it easy to use. Its handles are heat resistant therefore can hold when cooking. It is also the best for bigger families because of its size and nature.

Greenpan Rio Features
  • It’s easy to use because of its double heat resistant handles.
  • It’s easy to clean.
  • Has heavy heat conduction since it’s built on heavy gauge materials.
  • Its transparent glass lid ensures easy food monitoring and also keeping food warm and also preventing exposure.
  • Its coating does not peel even if you accidentally overheat your pan.

Green pan Rio is also the heaviest of them all. Therefore, it also keeps food warm after cooking for a very long time. While cooking in an open place, the lead prevents any possibility of dust or other air pollutants.

  • It’s easy to use because of its double heat resistant handles.
  • It’s easy to clean.
  • Has heavy heat conduction since its built on heavy gauge materials.
  • Its transparent glass lid ensures easy food monitoring and also keeping food warm and also preventing exposure.
  • Its coating does not peel even if you accidentally overheat your pan.
  • It has a double handle making it easy to handle.
  • It’s attractive.
  • Its price is medium therefore affordable.

 Buying Guides of Original Green Pan

Since the beginning of humankind, humans knew only one thing: Hunger. Although the remedy of cancer has been invented today, there has not been discovered as a single alternative to food. When it comes to the matter of food, you must choose the right kitchenware for cooking tastefully and deliciously.

Cooking is one of the most skilled jobs. There are a lot of steps included before and after cooking. Such as, you have to take the proper ingredient and then add them perfectly before cooking. And after the cooking comes the cleaning part. Altogether, cooking is really a very hard and time-consuming job. But when you have the Original Green Pan, you have much less worry in the area of cooking.

 Special Features for Green Pan


The main feature of the new green pan is that it is not harmful to Mother Nature. It is a blessing for humankind.


The new formula of the green pan has made its weight a lot less than before. Therefore it is even easier to handle.

More Healthier

When there is a matter of food, there also comes the topic of health. Green pan does not let petroleum-based particles move into the food and protect our health.

More Durable

The non-Teflon coated material of green pan has attended a lot of tests of durability and came out of every test intact.

When You Care About Your Family

Family comes before all the things in the world. It matters the most to us. So if you want to provide the safety of your family, you must act from now. You should get rid of the old, and harmful Teflon coated pieces and buy the new green pan for better health of every person of your family.

Whenever You Are Cooking

You should use the green pan every time you are cooking something. It will give you comfort while cooking and also provide a better quality of food. It will also help you after you have finished cooking. Because it is nonsticky and can be washed easily.

Use it Instead of Oven

When you need to heat up any food, you can use the green pan. Planning to go out after eating? Need the food to heat up in a budget time? Not to worry, a green pan can make the foods warm in no time.

 Who Need To Purchase Original Green Pan

Persons Who Care About Environment

Are you the person who really cares about Mother Nature? Are you really dissatisfied with the current destruction of our lovely world? Then this frying pan is the thing that is most suitable for you. It does not release any toxically chemical and thus helps the environment.

People Who Care About Their Family

The people who do not love their family is impossible to find. When you love your family, you can’t feed them just ‘anything.’ The safety of their health should be your primary concern. So, if you want your family to be healthy and perfect, you should change the harmful frying pan to the original green pan.

Persons Who Care About Health

We all know that “Health is Wealth.” All the money in the world will be useless to anyone if he has ill health. Every man/woman should give the top priority to their health. And for a healthy life, you should change your old harmful cookware to new harmless ones.


The topmost priority of the persons in this list is Housewives. Housewives do most of the household chores. They have to stay busy all the time in different kinds of work. To reduce their pressure, the green pan is made in a way to wash easily. Therefore, it is very important for housewives.

 Our Suggestions for Choosing The Original Greenpan

When you choose to buy a green pan, you should consider these things:

Scratch Resistance

A green pan should be scratch resistant. An original green pan is always scratchproof. So, you must watch before buying if it is scratchproof. When you see that it is not scratch resistant, you can be sure that it is not the original one.

PFOA and PTFE Free

The main feature of the green pan is that it is Per-Fluoro-octanoic acid (PFOA) and Poly-Tetra-Fluoro-ethylene (PTFE) free. So, at the time of buying, you have to check whether there is written anything in the packet about Teflon-free formula.

Heat Tolerance

A green pan usually has a low tolerance for heat. It can be said as a limitation. So, when you are to buy a green pan, always check the heat tolerance of the pan. The temperature between 450-700°C is the perfect temperature for a green pan.


Another advantage of a green pan is that it is nonsticky. When you cook something in it, the stains should go away very easily. A non-stick pan is easy to use, easy to handle and it is also easy to clean perfectly.


We are in a time where everything is being destroyed. From the oil to the trees. Everything is being crushed just for making more buildings and more engines. We are destroying our nature in the name of ‘Civilization.’

In this critical time, we have to take proper steps to control our destruction rate and try to save the planet. The new concept of this green pan will help to keep us healthy. It is the invention that will help to save the planet and all the plants and animal. We all should definitely come forward and take the proper step to make a happier and healthier planet.

 The Original Green Pan Video Reviews

 Final Verdict On The Original Green Pan Reviews

Since all green pans almost do the same work and are all made for environmental conservation, it’s hard to differentiate them. However, a little difference comes in during pricing, size, appearance and the material used to make the pan.

With the differences, Green pan Rio 5QT would be the ideal choice. It’s because it has a medium price and is of good quality. It also has an attractive nature, easy to handle and is good for beginners also does not lose moisture during cooking because of its transparent lead and can withstand a lot of heat.

With all others having only one handle Green pan Rio becomes unique. Its other good feature is its availability in the market. I hope you enjoyed the original green pan reviews. If you need any more help to choose the best one, don’t forget to send me an mail. Ready to help you without any fees.

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