Woll Diamond Plus Cookware Review 2019 – Too Good to be True?

Many people have been thinking to buy high-quality cookware in their kitchen. The cookware will make cooking time little, easy and fun. There is much cookware you might have seen in the market. You might have bought many of them too, but didn’t find it right for your kitchen. Well, you should learn which cookware is perfect for your cooking before you buy them. For that, we are going to help you.

We are always ready to give you a complete review of cookware so that you can decide which cookware you are looking for. If you want good quality and robust pots and pans for your cooking, then you have to pay more. Woll Diamond Plus Cookware is expensive cookware, but it is worth every penny. Here on this page, we are making a perfect woll cookware review.

 Woll Diamond Plus Cookware Reviews

Now we discuss woll cookware review. The Woll Diamond Plus Cookware set is made with an incredible new nano-technology diamond coating. The surface gives the cookware extremely hard base layer which is invulnerable to cuts and scratches. This new innovative coating is recognized worldwide as the best non-stick surface. This diamond encrusted surface is harder and far more durable than the base layer used in most other premium cookware sets. Diamonds conduct heat four times as fast as copper. The surface of the pieces conducts heat evenly with no hot spots.

Woll Diamond Plus/Diamond Lite 10-Piece Cookware Set
Woll Diamond Plus 10-Piece is an ultra hard coating with embedded diamond crystals nonstick Cookware Set that is oven and dishwasher safe and PFOA free.

The Woll Diamond Plus cookware is PFOA free and made of non-stick materials which give you superior durability and performance. The pieces of this cookware use an integral, threaded brass insert to secure the ergonomic handles. This highly designed extra-long, ergonomic handle gives you more comfort and stability. There are no rivets visible in the interior part of the piece. Both the cast handles and glass lids are oven-safe up to 250°C or about 480°F.

Woll Diamond Plus pieces are also available with detachable handles for easier storage for those who have a small kitchen. It is metal utensils safe. You can use metal utensils with this cookware. Woll Diamond Plus Cookware gives you the limited lifetime warranty. It’s Diamond base layer-guarantees no blisters, bubbles or peeling. This cookware is absolutely dishwasher safe.

The Amazing Woll Diamond Plus Cookware Set Includes:
  • 8-inch Frypan
  • 9.5 inch Fry Pan
  • 2.1Qt (7inch)Sauce Pan
  • 3.2Qt (8 inches) Sauce Pan
  • 6.3 Qt (11 inches) Stock Pot
  • 3.7Qt (11 inches) Sauté Pan
  • Saucepan, Stock Pot, and Saute Pan come with a glass lid.

Many people have bought the Woll Diamond Plus Cookware pieces individually due to its high costs, but buying this whole ten-piece set will be more economical.

 Pros of Woll Diamond Plus Cookware

Durable and Nonstick:

It is very much durable, and it offers a limited lifetime warranty– Every nonstick cookware is not as durable as Woll Diamond Plus. Many people have complained that their nonstick cookware is not the most durable. They last only a few short months. But the Woll Diamond Plus is not like others. On Amazon, people have commented that their Woll Diamond Plus Cookware is working well after more than a year and it is losing none of its nonstick properties.

Limited Lifetime Warranty:

Woll Diamond Plus also provides a limited lifetime warranty to vanish your doubts about this cookware.

Pieces are heavy and solid

The pieces of Woll Diamond Plus Cookware are heavier and more stable compared to other nonstick sets. It is not as heavy as a cast-iron piece; it is still a solid set coming in at 25 lbs for ten pieces.

No rivets on the inside

Many pots and pans have handles that are riveted to the bodies with the rivets being visible in the interior which create crevices for sauces to get stuck around them. But this cookware piece is not like those. This set has an entirely smooth interior right up to the sides which make cleaning very easy.

It is German made

Nowadays, most of the cookware is made in China. Even the very well known brands manufacture their products in Chinese cities to keep the cost low. But the Woll Diamond Plus is different from them. Their every product is made in Germany using advanced technology with a manufacturing facility.


Cons Woll Diamond Plus Cookware


You have to pay more for this 10-pieces cookware, but you can easily get another nonstick set from other well-known companies for about $100.Well, the make and quality are different, but the question is “Is the Woll Diamond Plus Cookware worth this high price?”

Safety Features

Well, people do not mind to pay more to get safe cookware without PFOA and PTFE. The Woll Diamond Plus said that their cookware is PFOA-free, but nothing is mentioned about PTFE. Is it also PTFE-free? Well, we are not sure about that. This can be an issue for more health-conscious buyers to buy this cookware with the high price.

 Woll Diamond Video Review

 Final Words

Woll company always tries to attract people to their product using their advanced technology. Wall Diamond Plus Cookware is their unique invention. Its quality and performance are very satisfying. It is perfect for your kitchen. If the price is not a problem, then you should try this extremely durable nonstick coating embedded with diamond crystals pans and pots to enjoy the perfect experience of cooking. Well, we hope that this woll cookware review is helpful to you. Get the right cookware set for your cooking and have a wonderful life.

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