Instant Pot IP DUO60 Review & What To Look For When Buying

Cooking can be tedious and tiresome especially where you have to check water regularly to ensure your food does not burn. To avoid all this pressure cooker came with a solution. A pressure cooker is a method of cooking whereby steam is not allowed to escape since it’s completely sealed.

Designed by Canadians instant pot ip-duo60 is an electric pressure cooker which is safe and convenient. Its cooking is faster and saves energy up to 60%. Able to perform different functions such as pressure cooking, steaming, slow cooking, rice cooking and other functions instant pot ip-duo60 is a 7 in 1 programmable cooker has 14 built in smart programs. This ensures that cooking can be as easy as the press of a button.

This cooker eliminates many errors in cooking which leads to food spoiling and its satisfied for safety. Being a third-generation technology cooker, it’s an amended microprocessor and monitors temperature and pressure.These programs are very accurate since it has been tested for optimal benefit to the user.

Its body and lid are made of stainless steel for maximum durability, while the lid is also installed with an additional aluminum filter cover and the rubber ring to ensure better sealing for the safety of pressure value.

Instant pot ip-duo60 review

  • It is programmed to do multiple functions such as yogurt making, rice cooking, slow cooking, pressure cooking, steaming and warming.
  • Since it cooks with high pressure, it reduces the cooking time by 70%.
  • It’s also programmed to the recipe in different languages like Chinese, English, Spanish and French.
  • Its stainless-steel exterior makes the cooker more attractive and presentable.
  • High control panel with 14 microprocessors controlled programs, dual pressure with automatic keep warm and slow cook control.
  • The instant pot can keep food warm up to ten hours after cooking.
  • Comfortable to hand and carry around.
  • Pressure regulator protection.

Why would you prefer instant cooker to traditional methods of cooking?

• It’s very safe to use and reduces the possibility of food burning
• Its cleaning is easy
• They are simple to use and maintain
• It reduces time since its program, so monitoring of food is not necessary.

Convenience and simplicity: The cooker is very convenient since it works according to the instructions of the user. If the user is traveling and wants to find food ready at a particular time you program a delayed cooking for that period.
Its simplicity is also excellent. You do not have to go for training to be taught how to use the cooker. It’s bought with its own manual which the user should follow. More to just owning the pot the manufacturer also gives the clients cooking tips at their website making cooking more enjoyable.

Elegant Durable Design, Dependable Consistent Cooking Results: When in use, its microprocessor monitors the temperature, pressure and keeps time during cooking to ensure satisfactory end results. The cooker also has a warranty therefore if something goes wrong during the warranty period the manufacturer repairs the cooker or replaces it. Its design also makes it easy to clean and also due to its stainless steel inside the cooker.

Cook different types of foods: This pot can cook most types of foods for good and results and with comfort. You do not have to supervise whatever you instruct it to cook since it’s programmed to follow instructions until the food is ready. Once there is power shortage when it’s cooking the pot will not start cooking a fresh when power is back, but it will continue where it was before power break down.

Presentable: When having this instant pot, you do not have to transfer food to a hot pot for serving after cooking. It’s designed to also act as a hotspot since its presentable and its structure is that of hot-pots.

Safety: Having passed all regulatory requirements, the instant pot has a lid that prevents accidental opening which also has leak detection and high-temperature detection which prevents food from burning. The temperature is controlled by a fuse which breaks the power once the temperature reaches its limit. Its internal chamber controls the pressure by releasing the excessive pressure into the chamber.

Instant pot ip-duo60 Pros
  • Faster than traditional methods of cooking.
  • Instant pot maintains the original taste of the food and maintaining the nutrients which could be lost in cooking exposed food or boiling of food.
  • Its saves energy up to 70% even after making cooking faster.
  • The pot does a job of seven gadgets at a click of a button.
  • With instant pot, no sweat, no smell, no noise and no steam.
  • The instant pot also does the microwave job so no need to defrost in a microwave.
  • Size choice. Since they are in different sizes, you choose the size that suits your family of cooking needs.
  • Affordable. Some people view the pot as expensive but putting into consideration the total number of tasks it does and the energy saved while using the pot then it’s obviously cheaper to use than the other methods of energy.
  • Environmentally friendly. Since it uses the renewable sources of energy like wind driven turbines, hydroelectric power or solar energy, then it prevents the use of charcoal.
  • The use of instant pot reduces health-harming compounds because it keeps food moist thus eliminating two cancer compounds (acrylamide and heterocycle) which are caused by other cooking methods.
Instant pot ip-duo60 Cons
  • The instant pot is highly reliant on power thereby with power failure you cannot use the instant pot.
  • The pot does not prepare all types of foods.

Instant pot ip-duo60 Video review

Final Verdict

With many people preferring the instant pot ip-duo60 their magic pots it obviously that people should acquire them for maximum benefits. They will not only help them in cooking but also in conserving energy, preventing careless mistakes made during cooking which leads to injuries.

The other reason I would advise people to use the instant pot is that it keeps food original and no loss of nutrients. It also does not produce toxic, harmful materials since its interior is stainless steel therefore very safe to use. However, after use make sure you clean it and keep it dry.

Instant Pot IP DUO60 Review
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Instant Pot IP DUO60 Review

  • Instant pot ip-duo60 review
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  • Instant pot ip-duo60 Video review
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