Everybody Must Know Guide – What Are the Different Types of Kitchens

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It is quite obvious that most of us prefer starting a day with a cup full of coffee and ends the day with a midnight crunchy snack before going to bed. You expect to begin and end all day in a comfortable and spacious manner. However, the kitchen always includes stuff that is both exhaustive & dangerous.

So, unlike every other room in the house, the kitchen necessitates requires a lot of focus on detailing when it’s built. Every house has a kitchen design. So, let’s have a glance at some of the different types of kitchens layouts to see what could be ideally appropriate for you.

Different Types of Kitchens based on Layout

1. The Straight-Line kitchen

A straight-line kitchen is also known as wall-based kitchen provides a standard cooking counter with one section of the wall and foundation Storage. It’s flat and passes all over the kitchen wall. The golden triangle of the kitchen is the most significant thing to put into consideration.

The cooktop/burner is placed at an equivalent distance from both the refrigerator and washbasin, allowing it one of the most practical configurations for fast food preparation. These types of kitchens are best for small homes with space-saving designs.

2. The L-Shaped Kitchen

Another very popular style used in Indian residences is the L-shaped layout. Having lots of counter room for several hands operating in a kitchen process, this style is likely to gain the maximum efficiency from it. This design does have comfortable work areas. Each cooker, refrigerator, and faucets are in comparison to each other. It guarantees that users don’t have to move much further among spots. The L shaped kitchen is best for large families with multiple members working at a time.

3. The Galley or Parallel Kitchen

When sufficient room is usable, a parallel kitchen will transform out to be an incredibly efficient arrangement. For two countertops and 2 sets of cabinets, these types of kitchen overs extra working space.

In addition, the cooker, refrigerator, and washbasin are in the perfect triangle area of the kitchen rendering it an extraordinarily comfortable food preparation structure. This medium-sized parallel kitchen is best for nuclear families.

4. U-Shaped Kitchen

With additional countertop surface area, move a bit ahead from the traditional parallel kitchen and opt for a U-shaped layout. However, this configuration is suitable for vast volumes of storage.

It includes 3 groups of ground cabinets with two or even more wall shelves. The style fits well with different job areas. It offers the refrigerator, burner, and washbasin with the countertop on each side. The U-shaped kitchen is best for medium to large families or recommended to joint families only.

5. The Island Kitchen

An Island kitchen is best for offering a stylish and modern look to any type of kitchens. Its multi-functional tabletop will act as a preparation area, a breakfast center table, or even a cooking station.

We recommend that you just have a kitchen with an island counter if there is ample room available in your kitchen for kitchen activities. The kitchen type of best suited for families with small kids and kitchen with large free space available around.

6. The Breakfast or Peninsula Counter kitchen

The Breakfast of Peninsula counter kitchen is in the list of most preferred kitchen types. Homeowners with large living space prefer installing a breakfast count or island-based counter mounted to the wall. It offers the kitchen with an additional counter area and also allows the user to add seats to it.

This arrangement is an illustration of a perfect golden triangle, where the stove is in the center with the washbasin and the refrigerator on each side. It’s also a comfortable and roomy kitchen space.

7. Dining Based Kitchen

Kitchen paired with a dining space, — in other words where food can be consumed, is classified as a dining-based kitchen. Those who prefer to enjoy freshly prepared meals and those who really like warm conditions, then this kind of kitchen is the perfect option.

These types of kitchens are best for families with a limited number of rooms. So, transforming the dining area into a kitchen is a smart move.

8. Modular Based Kitchen

Modular kitchen is a mix of conventional and interlocking doors, fixtures, and equipment. Interconnections lets everything behave like a homogeneous framework.

With the exception of conventional and isolated units, it is easy to fabricate, easy to handle, simple to install, convenient to reconfigure as well as low maintenance.

9. Traditional Type of Kitchen

Traditional or classical looking kitchens have an impressionistic appeal comparable to the old days or may be assumed to have been taken from ancient times.

The architecture includes arches, the traditional conventional components used for the ceiling, wall, and ceiling finishing.

Such kitchens appear really good, sophisticated and they often express a feeling of traditional values and history.

10. Small Sized Kitchen

A tiny residence with a limited room cannot provide a wide kitchen space. Then why don’t create successful utilization of the limited room and incorporate every inch of the area with full creativity and skillful implementation?

A tiny kitchen may include some cabinets, a burner, an air ventilator, and a wash basin. This type of kitchen only offers basic kitchen requirements skipping all luxurious accessories and attachments.

11. Carpenter Designed Kitchen

A carpenter designed kitchen is constructed entirely through raw ingredients by regionally accessible carpenters. Eventually, it’s not really adjustable, so the cooktop is fully fixed to the kitchen area.

A modern kitchen may be modified at any moment in time, except for a modular kitchen. Interestingly, consistency and finishing are always a challenge because it’s a handmade project. It is best for users who don’t want to spend much on their kitchen renovation.

Final Words

So now you came to know a lot about different types of kitchens and its fundamental features and configurations. Take your time and decide which kitchen layout will be the best in satisfying your cooking needs.

If you are still confused then we suggest you hire a kitchen designer. They will guide you better and helps you to create a customized kitchen layout as per resources.

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