15+ Best Outdoor Christmas Lights Ideas for Merry and Bright

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and what makes it even more wonderful are all of the beautiful houses festively lit.

We decided to take a look at some of the best outdoor Christmas light ideas, to give you some ideas of what is available at the moment.

  15+ Best Outdoor Christmas Lights Ideas

1. Classic White Christmas Lights – BEST OVERALL

Nothing looks more like Christmas than brilliant-white lights wrapped lovingly around a tree. For outdoor and indoor use, these bulbs can make you the envy of the neighbors as they twinkle in beautiful snow-like formation.

2. Essentials Ultra-Brite Multi Color Lights – Best Value Overall

Traditional multi-colored lights for the more traditional tree decorators. A string of bulbs that will match with every color-scheme and create many happy faces. The green cable sits perfectly hidden amongst the branches of indoor trees and those on the lawn.

3. Outdoor LED String Lights – Best Led Christmas Lights

Do you remember the lights that were on grandma’s tree when you were young and would like to recreate that special Christmassy feel? Look no further; here are 50 pretty multi-colored lights with conical shades to make outside of your house look magical. LED bulbs are safer and cost much less to run.

4. Clear Classic Icicle Lights – Best Outdoor Christmas Lights

Everyone loves clear white icicle lights hung from windows and roofs, making the night sky glow with imaginary snowfall. There are 150 weatherproof bulbs available at such a low price that it is easy to decorate the entire house for the holidays and delight all of the neighbors.

5. LED Multicolor Ball Lights – Best Multicolor Christmas Lights

This string of ball-lights are different from the usual vivid-colors, instead, they offer bright, pastel shades to enhance any Christmas display. They are battery operated which makes them easy to fit. They have 8-settings that allow them to flash, twinkle and sparkle at the push of a button.

6. Twinkle String Christmas Lights – Best colored Christmas Lights

For those who love to go all-out and decorate the house, huge outdoor and indoor trees, these string lights are a must. There are 66-feet of multi-colored bright bulbs, 200 of them in fact. They have 8-functions enabling you to make them flash for a party atmosphere or twinkle to sing carols around the tree.

7. Outdoor Solar Garden Lights – Best Solar Christmas Lights

What a lovely way to welcome your Christmas guests by lighting the pathway to your door with these LED flowers. There are 4 to a pack and each one has posable arms to let you change the design. No need to worry about electricity as they’re solar-powered. Leave them on steady or set them to flash to make everyone notice.

8. LED Snowflake Projector Light – Best Projection Christmas Lights

Make the entire frontage of your house appear to be covered in falling snow with this easy to install the machine. It is simple to fit and brings hours of delight. No need to get cold or wet when you fancy a change; it is remotely operated. Sit indoors and choose from 10 color options and 4-speeds.

9. Twinkle Star String Lights – Best Star String Christmas Lights

Add some Christmas luxury to your decorations with this string of twinkling lights. 100 star-shaped white lights spread over 49-ft. They are waterproof which makes them safe for indoor or outdoor use. Leave them set to steady or let them flash and fade. Just plug them in, drape them, and wait for Santa.

10. Cool White Icicle Lights – Snowflake Decoration Christmas Lights

If you’re trying to achieve the look of falling snow outside your home then you should buy these gorgeous white snowflake icicle lights! There are 15-drops of varying lengths that can be hung from the roof or around a window. What a lovely effect when it gets dark outside.

11. Fold-Flat Blue Moravian Star Light – Best Timer Christmas Lights

This is an unusual Christmas light idea. How about a Moravian star that can twinkle outdoors beautifully? It is freeze and waterproof so it will look perfect hanging out on your porch to welcome the carol singers. LED bulbs inside ensure its safety and packing it away after the holidays is a cinch, it folds flat. Follow the star!

12. Natural Willow Pendant Lamp – Best Romantic Christmas Lights

These 12” natural rattan balls have been coated with resin to make them weather resistant. Hanging a series of them around your porch will look warm and inviting over the holiday. Each ball has 30 LED bulbs that give off a beautiful romantic glow.

13. Twinkle Star LED String Light – Best Romantic Christmas Lights

These lights make ‘light’ work of covering a large area quickly and easily. One large sheet of warm white lights can drop to form a beautiful curtain of Christmassy wonderfulness inside or outside of your home. Adjust the light show via a remote and have a sequence show, twinkle, or random flash.

14. Joomer Solar Christmas Lights – Best Christmas Lights

If you have a large area to cover and are concerned about the energy costs this is a great Christmas light idea. There are 200-LED bulbs in gorgeous vibrant colors that are solar-powered. You don’t even need to worry about turning them off as they have an in-built timer. With 72-feet of green cable, they will blend beautifully amongst the branches and can remain steady, twinkle, flash, and fade.

15. LED Christmas String Lights – Best Outdoor Indoor Christmas Lights

300-LED bulbs should go a long way to decorating the outside of your house; 108-feet to be exact. Each bulb is individually wired so if 1-bulb blows, the rest stay on, thankfully! These lights have many safety functions and stay cool to the tough, perfect for excited little ones or on artificial trees. With 9-modes, speed and a timer setting, your home will look more festive than ever.

16. Clear Green Wire Christmas Light Set – String Christmas Decorations Light Set

The final of our Christmas light ideas is a plain and simple 100-bulb, static white lights. These are ideal for wrapping around trees, handrails, window frames, and much more. They are safe for use indoor and outdoor, simply plug them in and off you go. You’re all set for a very merry Christmas.

Final Thoughts

There are so many ways to decorate your home and lawns for the holiday season. Using lights can be a cost-effective and fun way to get into the festive spirit.

As our Outdoor Christmas light ideas review has shown, not everything needs to be a plain old string light, instead, colorful, flashing lights and twinkling solar-power lights are other options.

Whichever you choose to welcome Santa, we all hope you have a Very Merry Christmas.

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