40+ Best Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends of 2021 – Cool Gifts for Him

Are you struggling to find the ideal present for the man in your life?

We know that females are easy to buy for; anything that sparkles or smells pretty is usually a hit. Men are notoriously more difficult; after all, there are only so many pairs of socks and boxer shorts that they can wear! Take a look through our recommendations of gifts for boyfriends this Christmas to get some helpful ideas.

Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends

  Best Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends

1. Hardwood Tortilla Press – Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for Boyfriend

This is a stunning Christmas gift for a boyfriend that spends time in the kitchen and appreciates quality equipment. This beautifully crafted tortilla maker will press dough perfectly for generations to come.

2. Albert Einstein Magnetic Paper Clip Holder – creative gifts for boyfriend

Doesn’t every office worker get infuriated at having to dig around hunting for paperclips? With this fun magnetic head, your boyfriend needs never fear to be without a paperclip at an instant’s notice again!

3. Credit Card Companion – Romantic Christmas Gift for Boyfriend

This is the ideal Christmas gift for a boyfriend who fancies himself as a bit of a Superhero. Just slip it into his wallet and he will never again be caught without a bottle opener, sharp knife, compass, or toothpick!

4. Beard Bib – best gift for boyfriend on This Christmas

Is this really a Christmas gift for a boyfriend or for the person who usually clears up after him? Suction pads stick to the mirror and collect those irritating little hairs that usually end up in the basin, or on the floor.

5. Man Crates Winemaking Kit – Cute Gifts for Boyfriend Christmas

Is the man in your life a red wine enthusiast? What could be better than buying him a kit that includes everything he needs to make several bottles of his very own vintage?

Most Unique Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends

6. Toilet Night Light – Unique Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends

Are you the unlucky owner of a boyfriend whose aim is off during those middle of the night emergency toilet visits? Treat him, and yourself, to an illuminated seat light that will shine the way ahead! The colors can complement the bathroom decor and brightness can be adjusted.

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7. Star Wars Chess – Unique Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends

This set could be the Christmas gift for a boyfriend that kills 2 birds with 1 stone. This beautifully crafted set features playing pieces all in the shape of Star Wars characters. May the force be with you if you decide to play against him!

8. Man Meets Stove Cookbook – Unique Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends

Just as it says on the cover, this is the cookbook that features many recipes to help kitchen-shy cooks make impressive meals. No fancy culinary- language is used just simple instructions to wow dinner guests.

9. Whiskey Appreciation Crate – Unique Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends

For the gentleman that is serious about his whiskey, this is a beautifully presented set packed full with his favorite whiskey-related things. There is a monogrammed decanter that will make him the envy of his friends and 2-personalized whiskey tumblers. The perfect Christmas present for a boyfriend that you want to impress.

10. Whiskey Stones – Unique Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends

Your boyfriend’s Christmas gift could be an exclusive bottle of whiskey that he wouldn’t want to be ruined by diluted by ice cubes. These sandstone cubes are perfect to keep his drink at the perfect cool temperature without watering it down. They won’t affect the delicious taste in any way and can be reused many times.

11. Craft Beer Making Kit – Unique Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends

Knowing what to get your boyfriend at Christmas is easy if they’re a fan of craft beers. This kit includes everything to make 2-gallons of their favorite brew. No longer will you be losing him to the pub for hours on end!

12. AmazonBasics Wireless Bluetooth Dual 3w Speaker – Unique Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends

Connect this vibrant blue speaker to any device and you can blast out up to 15-hours of tunes from a single charge. It also has a microphone so that should your boyfriend’s cell phone ring as he’s listening to it, he can answer calls.

13. Fitbit Charge2 Fitness Wristband – Unique Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends

What a brilliant gift idea for boyfriends at Christmas that are tech-savvy and love to work out. This attractive wristwatch can monitor heart rate, calorie intake, and allow him to monitor his sleep pattern. It can receive phone calls and texts once it has been linked with a phone. Just fasten it to a wrist and mark the beginning of a healthier lifestyle.

14. GTRACING Gaming Chair – Unique Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends

What a fantastic way to win major Brownie Points from your gamer boyfriend this Christmas.  It is designed to give him the most comfortable playing position possible, with comfortable arm and head-rests. It reclines so that he can reach the perfect viewing position regardless of where the screen is.

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15. Crescent Mechanic’s Tool Set – Unique Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends

Does your boyfriend struggle to find the right tool at the right time? This set includes multitudes of spanners, wrenches, and sockets that are perfectly stored in a molded case. It is a perfect gift for those lucky enough to have a handyman boyfriend.

Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends Mom

16. Pit Barrel Cooker – Unique Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends

This is the perfect Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends Mom this Christmas if he loves to cook outdoors. If he has mastered the art of the BBQ, then he should try a smoke. All of the food can be cooked inside and result in a rich, smoky flavor. Flavored wood chips can be added to give different smoky tastes.

17. Philips Norelco Multi-Groomer – Unique Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends

Whether the man in your life prefers to be clean-shaven, have designer stubble, or sports a full-grown beard, this is the ideal piece of kit to keep him looking neat every day. It comes with multiple combs for different grades of trim; there is even an attachment for ear and nose hair. The cordless operation makes every shave an easy task, particularly as the dual-blades sharpen as they work.

18. Kemy’s Canvas Duffel Bag – Unique Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends

A great Christmas gift for a boyfriend who likes to travel has to be this stylish bag. It is the perfect size for a carry-on or for weekends away.  Strong handles and multiple pockets ensure its versatility. Made from durable canvas and gorgeous distressed leather; it is a beautiful piece of luggage that every gentleman would love to own.

19. BedJet – Climate Control for Couples – Unique Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends

Is neither of you getting a restful night’s sleep leaving you irritable in the morning? Is finding a comfortable, compatible temperature a pain?  This is a super idea for you both. A climate-control system that keeps both sides of the bed at their optimum< individual temperatures. Genius!

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20. Long Distance Touch Lamp – Unique Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends

If you share a long-distance relationship, there can be few more romantic gifts for your boyfriend at Christmas. Each of you has a lamp and each time you touch one, the other one will light up too. What a tender way to show someone that you are thinking of them.

21. Puffy Memory Foam Mattress – Unique Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends

If your boyfriend suffers from not getting a good sleep at night, what a wonderful gift idea to replace his mattress so that he wakes up bright and breezy every morning. Memory foam is perfectly designed to mold to his body shape and cradle him in a comfortable position. It rules out the need for tossing and turning and holds the spine in correct alignment. This should prevent many back pain issues in later life. It will also keep him at the perfect temperature without letting him overheat.

22. Desktop 3D Printer – Unique Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends

If you’re looking for a gift for a boyfriend for Christmas who is impressed by the technology, this will blow his socks off. It is a 3D desktop printer that won’t just copy boring minutes from meetings but make models in 3-dimensions of actual things. Imagine all of the fun he will have making models of staplers and coffee mugs when he should be working!

23. Makey Makey Invention Kit – Unique Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends

Crocodile clips attach to virtually any household object and turn it into a musical instrument. Imagine your boyfriend’s amazement as he learns to play the ‘keyboard’ dining chairs, the apples and oranges in the fruit bowl, and the objects on the coffee table. The music will amplify and you will think there is a recording artist in the house.

24. French Press Coffee Maker – Editor’s Choice Christmas Gifts for Boyfriend

Who doesn’t love waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee? He will love this handy machine as it can make beautiful coffee from all of his favorite coffee beans right on the kitchen counter.

25. Christmas Dog Sweaters – Surprising Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends

With 50-dog breeds available, you will surely be able to find one with your boyfriend’s 4-legged friend on? Maybe you could really surprise him and buy a matching one for the doggo!

26. Beer Pong Robot – Surprising Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends

Most guys enjoy a game of Beer Pong when the boys are all round. This is nest-stage beer pong. The cups are set on a robotic tray that moves around to make it more difficult to get the ping-pong balls to land in them! A great boozy game that will have all of the adults crying with laughter.

27. Yeti Rambler Insulated Tumbler – Surprising Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends

If you are tired of hearing him complain that his morning coffee is cold before he has even reached the tube station, this is a great Christmas gift for your boyfriend. It takes advantage of amazing technology to keep drinks hotter for longer than all of its rivals. The outside of the tumbler is guaranteed not to sweat so his hands will always remain dry.

Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends Sister

28. GoPro Hero5 – Surprising Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends

Capturing amazing photographs and videos while you’re on the move has never been so easy than it is with the latest GoPro. It is a must-have for every gadget-geek, aspiring photographer or family man who often needs to record memories. With crystal-clear 4K imagery and an editing suite on his smartphone, this could be the best Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends Sister.

Gifts for Boyfriends Who Love to DIY Everything

29. LED Clock Fan – Thoughtful Christmas gifts for boyfriend

When is a fan not just a fan? When it is an LED clock fan! Delight as the digital time appears as the blades spin. Simply plug it into a USB-port and watch it go.

30. Personalized Long Distance Mug – cute thoughtful Christmas gifts for boyfriend

This is a fun Christmas gift for a boyfriend that will make him think of you each time he has a sip of coffee. Each mug has a picture printed of the country or state that you’re both in and a heart marks the exact location. There is even room to print a personalized message on the opposite side.

31. Personalized I Miss Your Face Candle – cute thoughtful Christmas gifts for boyfriend

What a lovely way to remind him that you’re thinking of him by printing a personalized message on a candle. It is delivered in a box laden with other loving goodies such as a mug and notepad and pencil.

32. Cut in Half Book – cute thoughtful Christmas gifts for boyfriend

This is a great book for him to flick through when he is crashed on the couch following a massive Christmas lunch. It is full of fascinating and amazing images of everyday objects that have been sliced in half by a powerful water-jet cutter.

33. Martinez Tools Titanium Hammer – cute thoughtful Christmas gifts for boyfriend

Christmas gifts for boyfriends who are serious DIY enthusiasts don’t always have to be power tools. This hammer is designed to last a lifetime< and with interchangeable grips and heads, no job is too big.

34. Carhartt Men’s Fleece 2 in 1 Hat – cute thoughtful Christmas gifts for boyfriend

Designed to keep not just his head warm but also his face and ears, this is a great stocking filler for boyfriends who spend a lot of the winter outdoors.

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35. 20-Setting Beard Trimmer – Thoughtful Christmas gifts for boyfriend

Keeping clean-shaven or maintaining trendy stubble can be a time-consuming task but not with this cordless trimmer. With huge 20-settings to choose from your boyfriend can achieve perfect results in minutes.

  Thoughtful Christmas gifts for boyfriend

36. Xbox One – best thoughtful christmas gifts for boyfriend

Every gamer wants the latest console and that is exactly what Microsoft has on offer. Featuring the absolute latest in gaming technology, superior graphics, and with a multitude of games that cover every genre, Xbox one is bound to be a hit.

37. Digital SLR Video Camera Kit – Thoughtful Christmas gifts for boyfriend

If your boyfriend is a keen photographer with aspirations of creating high-quality videos, then this is the ideal Christmas gift to get him. This camera is designed for the high-specification that professional videographers use and includes superb SLR photographic technology. It will truly WOW him.

38. ManGroomer Back Shaver – Thoughtful Christmas gifts for boyfriend

This is a perfect Christmas gift for the boyfriend that is very conscious of having a hairy back but is too shy to ask for help shaving it. The extending arm has a powerful hinge that will allow him to reach the most difficult areas.

39. Hickies Lacing System – best thoughtful christmas gifts for boyfriend

If you’re looking for stocking fillers for the sneaker-freak in your life, look no further! These durable rubber strips will replace the laces in his sneakers and prevent him from stopping every 5-minute to retie them! They are available in a wide variety of colors to coordinate with every single pair of sneakers he owns.

40. Golfer’s BBQ Set – cheap christmas gifts for men

What a fun gift to get your boyfriend this Christmas: a set of BBQ tools in the shape of golf clubs. Who doesn’t love a fun and functional present? This will surely encourage him to practice his swing in the yard as he prepares food for his hungry guests.

41. Christmas Decor Polar Bear – Awesome Christmas Gifts for Boyfriend Ideas

What a magical and thoughtful gift to give your boyfriend at Christmas. We all know that the beautiful polar bear is becoming endangered and this gift will help the WWF continue their brilliant work to prevent them from disappearing from our planet forever.


Christmas is truly a time for family and friends, and if you can afford to, a time to buy the perfect Christmas gift for your boyfriend to show him how much he is thought of.

We hope that you have gathered a few ideas from our article, yes, we know there are a lot of random ideas for gifts for boyfriends this Christmas.

Surely that has to be better than smellies and socks?  Merry Christmas!