All-Clad Vs. Demeyere : Which Is Better ?

The value of quality cookware cannot be underestimated. As cookware experience regular exposure to extreme heat, scrubbing with harsh detergents, and banging against counter-tops and stove; your choice of cookware has to withstand all this. The following will review the All-Clad and Demeyere brands of cookware that will help you make the best choice. The two brands manufacture clad stainless cookware where All-Clad has been in the market longer than Demeyere.

All-Clad Vs. Demeyere

Meaning of Clad Stainless Cookware

Cladding is the process of bonding different types of metals together. This process is difficult as requires a lot of pressure to bind the metal together thus the reason clad cookware is more expensive than others. The process involves sandwiching aluminum metal between stainless steel. The resulting product is more durable with great heating properties.

There are a few things you should look out for when you want to purchase clad cookware. One, the number of layers/piles does not matter; what matters is the total thickness of the layers. Secondly, your clad cookware purchase should be done against the All-Clad D3 standard. It has a 1.7mm aluminum layer meaning that anything you buy should be above this thickness.

 All-Clad Vs. Demeyere


Demeyere Industry 5 also known as 5 Plus, is the winner in thickness. The Industry 5 cookwares have a total thickness of 3.00mm with a 2.1 mm total aluminum thickness in its three layers of internal aluminum. This is 25% more than All-Clad cookware, which has 2.6mm total wall thickness.

Industry 5 has three layers of aluminum between two layers of stainless steel while All-Clad has only two layers of aluminum between stainless steel with a total thickness of 1.5mm.

Heating Properties

The Demeyere Industry 5 also takes this one as it has 25% more aluminum than All-Clad D5. The heating properties of aluminum are way above those of stainless steel which the D5 has much of; although All-Clad insists that the three layers of stainless steel provide more heating properties. They claim that the layers of stainless steel improve the evenness of heating through slowing down of lateral heat transfer.


The Demeyere D5 is more durable than All-Clad as it has thicker sidewalls; in addition, it is treated with Silvinox®. Silvinox® is a special electrochemical treatment on the surface of cookware; it removes impurities and iron on the surface making it easy to clean. The treatment also provides resistance to harsh detergents, fingerprints, and acidic foods. Silvinox® also keeps the shiny luster of the cookware for decades.

Both Demeyere Industry 5 and All-Clad cookware are durable as they are manufactured using premium stainless steel that is non-corrosive, does not rust, stain or pit. However, the Demeyere Industry 5 is more long lasting as it has thicker walls than All-Clad. When assessing for durability, you should consider the following factors:

  • The thickness of the base/walls – the greater the thickness that more likelihood that the pans will withstand warping.
  • Stainless steel quality – good quality stainless steel does not rust, corrode, r pit.
  • Lids – stainless steel lids last longer than glass lids, they are also easy to handle as stainless steel is lighter, and can withstand oven temperatures that are too high, unlike glass lids that withstand temperatures up to 300F.


Handles on the Demeyere Industry 5 have no rivets like on All-Clad which makes them easy to clean. However, All-Clad is lighter to lift than Demeyere Industry 5 which is better for a person with strength and muscular issues. The Silvinox® treatment of Demeyere makes it easy to clean and cook in, but they should be hand washed as a dishwasher will damage their shiny appearance. All-Clad is available in the polished and brushed finish while Demeyere is only available in a polished finish.

The handles on All-Clad are the best as they are easy to hold with a finger stop located at the bottom surface for grip stability. The Industry 5 handles are square in shape giving an unusual grip, but they have an advantage over All-Clad as they have no rivets plus their skillets have a helper handles which is absent in the All-Clad D3 design.


All-Clad has a lifetime warranty while Demeyere Industry 5 has a 30-year warranty.


In conclusion, although Demeyere Industry 5 range of cookware is more expensive than All-Clad, it is better than All-Clad due to its better build quality, more aluminum thickness, rivetless cooking surface, and Silvonox® treatment.